Oktoberlicious Experience

How to make your Oktoberlicious experience one to remember!

  • Love food?!… Oktoberfest in the tri-cities is a chance to try some German inspired meals. Oktoberlicious restaurants have gone the extra mile to prepare a specialty menu option available for you! Never heard of Kalbfleischrouladen before? You can give it a try and be won over – and for a great price!
  • When making a reservation with a participating restaurant, mention that you will be trying the Oktoberlicious menu so they can be extra prepared with Oktoberfest spirit!
  • Participating Oktoberlicious restaurants have reduced menu prices to offer you a great deal, but the staff will be working even harder than usual to give you a wunderbar Bavarian experience! Don’t forget to provide well-deserving gratuity for their outstanding service.
  • Are you into ‘Food Porn’? Well snap snap away!! Hashtag, Instagram, Tweet and Facebook your dishes so all of your friends are jealous of your delicious meal! Who can take the best pic? Show off that ice cold glass of beer! Prost! #TASTEOFOKTOBERFEST #OKTOBERLICIOUS
Thank you for participating in this amazing culinary event and showing our local restaurants the support!!!